What is in your name?

Your name is your mantra! Should I call myself Robert or Bob, Katherine or Kate?

What does my name say about me?

Your name was given to you. Every letter in your name has a value, so underneath you name their is a message which your receive every time someone calls you by your name. This message may or may not synchronize with the value of your birthdate. Your birthdate you cannot change, you can change your name!

In Pentalogie-Numerologic we base ourselves on the name you use. That one you hear every single day, multiple times. If you wonder what the influence might be, just imagine yourself being called ' Beauty' or 'Asshole' all day. Don't you agree that it makes a big difference?

In Pentalogie-NumeroLogic we base ourselves on the Western Alphabet, which has 26 letters. It so happens that there are also 26 prime numbers under 100. We assign to each letter from A-Z the prime numbers with the rank 1-26. (NB: In Pentalogie-Numerologic the number 1 is the first Prime).

Two different examples: 

Name value of John Kennedy:

John = 124 Kennedy=219 , John Kennedy= 343. 

124= 2x62; 4x31/12th. Intuitive God-realization; Manifesting Divine Guidance

219= 3x73/22nd. Will to understand the Circle of Life

343= 7x7x7 The Monogram of the Pharao's

Name value of Donald Trump:

Donald = 126  Trump= 281 Donald Trump= 407

126= 2x63: Intuitive “Sun Child” (wants and should be in the middle of attention); 7x18: Self-aware Temptation; 9x14: Wise Charity; 6x21: Powerful Insights.

 281= 61st prime: (Physical) Transformation, 19th prime: Healer factor, 9th prime: Wisdom, Intelligence, Communication.

 407=11 x37: Mastery in Expansion. 13th prime: Renewal, Re-Birth, 7th prime: Self-Awareness, 5th prime: Expansion, Fulfillment, Order, 4th prime: Manifestation.

Changing your name, changes your energy:

Robert: 237    3x79/23rd/10th. Conscious Decision mixed with the Ruler, Judge.

Bob: 47           16th prime. Insight and Karma

Katherine: 247  13x19/9th. Renewal, Re-birth mixed with the Healer Factor

Kate:104            Harshness of Life; Deepest commitment

As you can see, simple customary changes of names has a huge influence on the 'energy' you are being given.

How to calculate the value of your name:

A= 1     B=2  C=3  D=5  E=7  F=11  G=12  H=17  I=19  J=23  K=29  L=31  M=37  N=41  O=43  P=47  Q=53 

R= 59  S=61  T=67  U=71  V=73  W=79  X=83  Y=89  Z=97


John: 23+43+17 +41= 124

Kate: 29+1+67+7=104

The explanation of the numbers you may find in the book: NumeroLogic  The numerology of the Pentagram. Book 1


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