Numerological day analysis of 9-1–2022 16/7 Perseverance, Persistence/ Self-awareness

Inspired by your wisdom and your intelligence you want to persevere in whatever you are doing, in order to reach a higher level of self-awareness.

9-1–2022 16/7 Perseverance, Persistence/ Self-awareness

Spirit:     9 Wisdom; Intelligence; Communication; Sensitiveness; Reason

Soul:    1 First Emanation of Spirit; God’s number; Inspiration, Ability to lead

Body:    22 Mystic

The sum total of today is 16: Perseverance. You want to express your perseverance through your spirit’s wisdom, your soul’s  inspiration and your body's mystical experiences.


One major themes for this day of perseverance:  ‘Awakening and Leadership’

Blue 1 - Red 22: Axis of Awakening and Leadership

The expansion of your self-awareness drives your awakening and your leadership. The better you know WHO you are, the deeper and the more effective your leadership will be.The two opposing principles are ‘Goodness, Benevolence, Humility and Beauty’ coming from the “God” realm to join with ‘God realization’ coming from the “Ego” realm.

‘Goodness, Benevolence, Humility and Beauty’ is about respecting the beauty of Creation- the divine Creation which is a loving and benevolent one. The humility is not to make you small, but the humility is the courage to understand that everything is part of the Wholeness of the Universe and therefore equally important. 

‘God-realization’ or “I begin to understand” Here we realize that the Divine or God may only be experienced in our earthly Power. Everything physical is governed by its divine origin. Through intuition you may start to understand or become aware of this very important principle. Should you doubt your divine origin, then it will destroy your life energy- your Power.

The balance of these two principles lies in manifesting the ‘Ruler, Judge’ in you. Depending on how deep you are willing to dig into WHO you are and WHY you are (Expansion of Self-Awareness) , or how deeply you are able to connect with Goodness and how deeply the Divine works in you- you may turn into a benign Ruler or Judge or a very harsh, judging and demanding Ruler or Judge. The benign one acts out of his core of Unconditional Love and is very flexible and transformative. The harsh, judging and demanding one acts out of a “Cry for Love” (negative unconditional love), needs his subordinates to love him and is very inflexible.

Levels of awareness 

Mental awareness is very high today.  It is obtained through being Wide awake in the here and now and the Descending Prophet. The goal is to Intuitively Test the limits of Life.


Your mental awareness is further enhanced today with the connection to the 1st principle.The mental triangle encourages you to express the higher dimension of expansion, basically to be incredibly inspiring today.

You also have an enhancement of your mental awareness through the connection with the 6th principle. This mental triangle gives you the energy of the ‘Mover and Shaker” with the theme of Intuitive Love and Intelligence, the ability to Manifest deep Focus to avoid Fate, a Self-Aware Femininity and incredible Charity.

Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2022. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.

See you (virtually) : 

(Nl) Werkgroep: 4 Februari 2022

(D) Arbeitskreis  11 Februar 2022

Photo credit: drawing by Shania McDonagh!

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