Numerological day analysis of 3-5–2022 14/5 Charity/ Expansion, Order, Fullness, Adventure, Freedom

Inspired by your Will to Change, you want to express charity today, which leads to feelings of expansion, order, fullness, adventure and freedom.

3-5–2022 14/5 Charity/ Expansion, Order, Fullness, Adventure, Freedom

Spirit:     3 Will to change; Overcoming Polarity; Conscious Decision.

Soul:    5  Expansion; Fullness; Inner Motivation; Adventure; Freedom; Order

Body:    22 Mystic

The sum total of today is 14: Charity. You want to live charity through your spirit’s will to change, your soul’s expansion and your body's mystical experiences.


One  major theme underlines your quest for charity:  ‘Relationships’. 

Blue 3 - Red 22: Axis of Relationships

The expansion of self-awareness drives the way you relate to others and how you define your relationships. The better you know Who you are the deeper and more rewarding your relationships will be. The two opposing principles are “Expansion” coming from the mental level to join with  “Detachment, Redemption” coming from the emotional level. Mentally you have the desire to expand your Will in your relationships, whereas emotionally you seek the opposite: detachment and redemption.


Self-awareness drives and aims for change and decisiveness in the sense of expanding. “Expansion” is also the 4th dimension of manifestation. The sum of expansion and its underlying rank prime numbers is: Physical Power and Sexuality. This means that Expansion is influenced on a very deep level by physical power of which sexuality is the biggest. Expansion will use physical power and sexuality to create expansion.

Detachment, Redemption

“Detachment, Redemption” is the process of detaching yourself slowly from the physical world and its attachments. Redemption happens when you place more value in the spiritual world than in the material world.

The balance of the two principles lies in showing Self-aware Goodness, Humility and Beauty in your relationships, rooted in the pure  Feminine (being receptive and open)

Levels of awareness

Your mental awareness is high today. It is obtained through “Expansion” and “Spirit of Time; Reformer”

The goal is to bring out the intuitive divine sexuality (if you don’t you will start doubting your ‘aliveness’);  to let your healing and salvation powers expand and to bring transformative renewal and rebirth to the world.


Your mental awareness is further enhanced today by the connection to the 1st principle. It wants you to expand  your serving, healing and  aiding of others and yourself, with mastery and power at its core.

Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2022. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.

See you (virtually) : 

(Nl) Werkgroep: 17 Juni 2022

(D) Arbeitskreis: 24. June  2022

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