An analysis of your birthdate?

Get a personal skype session about your birthdate

In a personal Zoom session (or whatsapp -messenger) you will get a reading on your birthdate.

As the full reading would take more than 3-4,5 hours, it is broken down in sessions of 1-1,5 hours. Each session costs €100. 

The sessions are video-taped so that you may listen to them again and again. The drawings are part of the package.

The first session focusses on your birth pentagram - your body picture (how the energies play out in your body)- and your shadow pentagram (that part of yourself that you are not aware of).

In the second session we continue by looking at the value of your name in accordance with your birthdate. We look at what the current year has in store for you and we start looking at your life-purposes and the key to solving them.

In the third session we look at your past life, your incarnation groups, your soul's wish and your spiritual and material happiness.

In either of the three sessions we may also look how you interrelate to specific other people by making partner-pentagrams. That could be with your love partner, kids, family or specific friends.

The sessions may be book one at a time. Send me an email on