The numerology of 2020: Getting to know what is Immortal in us, in our relationships and in the world at large

2020 Getting to know what is Immortal in us, in our relationships and in the world at large

Analyzing 2020

2020 in numbers

2020 as 20-20

20 = Immortality; Eternal life

2×10; 4×5/4th Prime.

2-0 is the spiritual level in the Pentagram, which lies above Mind-Reason level  He who is able to think beyond Reason or Mind, experiences in the 20 the contact between the material world and the spiritual world and knows that Life never ends, it only constantly changes.

2020 as 20×101/27th

Immortality (20) paired with the Factor of Sacredness (101), which in itself is the higher dimension of the Expansion of Self-Awareness (27).  101 calls for sanctifying, blessing everything we encounter. That is easier said than done. If you succeed in seeing the Individual in every living being, then this spiritual factor will turn into a success.  It will also vastly expand your self-awareness

In this year we all will be faced with the quintessential question of What is Immortal? How eternal is life? With two zero’s in the year, a lot of chaos, change, transformation and source-energy is floating around. Pairing that with double intuition (22) may mean that we either loose ourselves in chaotic doubts (negative) or find ourselves coming up with highly original intuitive thoughts (positive). The choice is yours.


2020 in Pentagrams:

If we put 2020 into a Pentagram, it gives us three different Pentagrams, due to the two zero’s in the date. (Actually there are 4, but the 6 Pentagram is also the Mixed type Pentagram). For the year these three Pentagrams all turn at the same time. Imagine three wheels turning at different speed with different themes at the same time

All three Pentagrams have of course the strong 22-00, spiritual awareness level. The themes of these levels differ however per Pentagram

     4 Physical Realisation; Matter; Pragmatic Way; Structure; Daily practice; Day-to-Day Life

Interesting here is that 2020 is full of intuition, doubt, chaos, change and originality, which might be called “fuzzy”. The result however is nothing but “fuzzy”. It is bringing this highly creative energy into form, matter, practice and day-to-day life. It about being practical, inspired, original, chaotic and not about lifting off into a dream-world. Take good note of that.

The world needs our originality!

One major theme: the expansion of self-awareness driven by change. The goal is to find the prophetic gifts. The access to intuition and  chaos is there, the sense of expansion (into inner happiness) and awareness of “I am” need to be developed. There may be tendencies to withdraw from society. Watch out for that. New transformative self-awareness needs to be brought into the world instead.

The spiritual awareness level focusses on intuitively living the feminine eros, this highly atractive power of the feminine. It also calls for manifesting divine connection and the persevering power of the feminine.

Once we access our wisdom this year will bring out unpredictable intelligence, as we then pair our wisdom with our intuition.

14/5 Charity/ Expansion; Fullness; Inner Motivation; Adventure; Freedom; Order

Through being charitable, expansion is created as well as feelings of fullness, motivation and order. Beware that loving thy neighbor as thouself, means that you actually also have to love yourself. Otherwise it will not work.

The 5 as core number gives a Transformation Pentagram. No major themes here, other than to sparkle and shine.

The spiritual awareness focusses on bringing transformative renewal. This means that whatever you intuit to change has to change its form! It is not merely doing the same routine in a different order, it is changing the routine completely!

The (sexual) life-power may feel shaky, chaotic. Go much deeper into it, the true purpose lies in awakening the spiritual child in you. It is only through our sexuality that we bring a new spirit into the world. The necessary stage of chaos for that is double present this year. Either we use it to create new life or we get lost in chaos.

There is a strong desire for redemption this year, once we access our femininity. Redemption meaning to reconnect to our higher source or origin. To add to our mundane life the spiritual part, the inspirational part.

24/6 Day and Night, Light and Dark/ Power; Male Drive; Yang; Life force; Sexuality

In order to come to our Power our Life Force we have to face our Inner darkness to find the Inner Light. It is all about acknowledging both the light and the darkness in us. Metaphorically a year of the journey of the Hero.

Once we do it will ground us, it will bring spirituality to the physical level and the physical will reach out to the spiritual. The way it happens is through the expansion of self-awareness and the inevitable change.

The expansion of self-awareness drives the expansion of self-awareness. Either we dive very deep into finding the answer to the quintessential question of  WHO AM I? or we lock ourselves up in the physical and material world.

The axis of change and transformation is driven by the axis of change and transformation. Guess what is going to happen? Transformation whether we like it or not. With that being the case it might be wiser to drive the change ourselves than to wait and let it happen to us. The challenge here is to be the change we want to see.

We are being supported by high spiritual and physical awareness (thank God!) Spiritually giving us a very intuitive high masculine sexual energy. Physically giving us the translation into form of very powerful unconditional love.


2020 a year to dive into our spiritual origin and bringing that to life. Showing what is immortal in us.