Numerological day analysis of 6-5–2022 17/8 Goodness, Benevolence, Humility and Beauty/ Feminine principle, Yin, Art, Growth and Decay

Inspired by your Power and your Drive, you want to bring goodness, benevolence, humility and beauty into the world and thus experience the feminine principle in you today.

6-5–2022 17/8 Goodness, Benevolence, Humility and Beauty/ Feminine principle, Yin, Art, Growth and Decay 

Spirit:      9 Wisdom, Intelligence, Communication and Sensitiveness

Soul:    5  Expansion; Fullness; Inner Motivation; Adventure; Freedom; Order

Body:    22 Mystic

The sum total of today is 17: Goodness. You want to do good through your spirit’s power, your soul’s  expansion and your body's mystical experiences.


No major themes (axis) today. Again it is more about your interaction with the outside world, than with your inside world.

The individual energy of the day are:

On the masculine side:

On the spiritual level: Blue 22:  29 Serve, Aid, Heal or “Maze” 

11th /6th Prime 

When you prioritize helping and healing others too much, there is a great risk to lose yourself in the ‘Helper Syndrome”. That can turn one “mad” as 29 is the 11th prime. Remember that 11 may mean the thin line between Genius or Madness. Additionally 11 is the 6th prime, so it is loaded with a lot of Power. 

Empirically: Men with the intermediary type 29 are more feminine-receptive, whereas women are more masculine-giving. 

9 behind 2: When Mind (9) pairs with Intuition (2) it is a wonderful combination. Should the 9 not accept the 2, the Intuition is lost. 

Sum 2 over 11 (2+9): It is important not to be torn apart by the double 1 in the 11. Using Intuition helps. 

NB: 29 is the 11th prime and 11 is the 6th prime. 29+11+6= 46/10 So in the 29 are contained the energies of 11 and 6 and at an even deeper level the energy of 46 and 10. So in 29 one also has to deal with relating Power (6) to Form (4) in order to achieve Transformation (10). 

On the physical level: Blue/ Red 522: 52 Wound or Undeserved Luck 

4x13/7th /5th /4th Prime 

52 has two completely contradictory meanings: Wound or Undeserved luck. The Wound may occur when you Doubt (2) that you are entitled to Fullness and Justice (5). 

Luck happens when you Intuitively (2) live the positive sides of the 5 and you get in contact with 52’ inversion 25: “Inner Happiness”. 52 is called “Undeserved Luck” as the luck seems to come almost effortlessly. 

4x13: The content of 52 is Hard Work (13) made visible in Matter (4). As 13 is also the 7th prime, and the sum of 52=7, Self-awareness and Co-creative Action are a prerequisite. 

On the ego realm: Blue 6

63 Sun child

Rank + Prime: 16. + 47 

63 gives the ability to be a ‘Public Person”. Not a follower, but someone who can be a role model for others. 63’s mostly have a positive aura (charisma). 

63 as the reversion of 36 has conquered the impulsiveness, which characterizes the 36. 

3x21: Conscious Decision (3) to let the “Inner Sun” of Insight (21) shine. 

3 behind 6; Conscious Decision (3) to work positively with the Force (6). 

Sum 9: The Mind helps in doing so. 

16+47=63 contains the Perseverance, Assertiveness (Axis 1-6) to live Self-Consciously (7) in Daily Life (4). 

On the feminine side:

On the emotional level: Red 5:

85 Harmony of the Soul; Marriage; Emotional Consonance 

5x17/8th Prime 

85 represents the mediating quality and leads to a strong desire for harmony, peace and togetherness – and is the ideal number for marriage. The harmony of the soul is also important for the equilibrium in one-self. 

5 behind 8: The Life-Fulfilment (5) enhances the Feminine-receptive Principle (8). 

Sum 4 over 13 (8+4): The danger to want to “make” this harmony yourself. 

5x17: The Life-Fulfilment (5) comes from being able to live Humbly (17). 

On the mental level: Red 6: 96 Healing Magnetism; “Cosmic Antenna” 

8x12; 6x16; 3x32; 4x24; 2x48 

The 96 gives the ability to Heal in a magnetic and even magical way, by transferring energy. (Like Reiki). We “receive” this energy with our “Cosmic Antenna”. 96’s are often unaware of this capability. 

6 behind 9: The Power (6) influences the Intellect (9). Whenever the 6 is the driving and transforming force, you should be astutely aware how you deal with the force in an “adult” way – if you do not do that you may get addicted to just getting your basic desires fulfilled. 

Sum 15: The Power (6) is directed towards giving – the 15 however demands a 50/50 Balance between Giving and Taking. 

8x12: “Designed” (8) Perfection (12)”. 

6x16: The Power (6) is overpowering here – it creates indeed Perseverance (1-6 axis), but it should be managed! 

3x32: Conscious Decision (3) to be an “Antenna” (32). 

4x24: The acceptance that in Daily Life (4) paradoxes have to be solved. 

2x48: Doubting (2) your Own Feelings (4-8)? 

Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2022. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.

See you (virtually) : 

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(D) Arbeitskreis: 24. June  2022

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