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Numerological day analysis of 8-9–2020 21/3 Insight, inner rising Sun/ Will to change; Conscious Decision

Inspired by the feminine principle of Eros, Art, Growth and Decay you are looking for new Insights today, which should lead to the expression of your Will. May the feminine inspire you!

8-9–2020 21/3 Insight, inner rising Sun/ Will to change; Conscious Decision

Spirit:  8 Feminine principle, Yin, Eros, Art, Growth and Decay

Soul: 9 Wisdom; Intelligence; Communication; Sensitiveness; Reason

Body: 20 Immortality

The sum total of today is 21: Insight. You want to gain insight through your spirit’s feminine principle, your soul’s wisdom principle and your physical immortality.


Gaining insight today is driven by one major theme: ‘ Expansion of Self-Awareness’

Blue 2- Red 9 Axis of Expansion of Self-Awareness

Focus-concentration drives your expansion of self-awareness. In the quest to find the answer to whom you really are, your focus lies on what brings you closer to your Self. “What do I need to let go of because it does not bring me to the highest expression of myself, and what do I need to hold on to and further develop as it brings me the highest expression of myself?” Many a time you have to do what is difficult to do. The two driving forces are Day and Night, Light and Dark coming from the spiritual level to join with Ruler, Judge coming from the physical level.

Day and Night, Light and Dark

This principle is best explained by Kahlil Gibran’s beautiful quote: Behind the veil of the night, lies the new dawn. You have to spiritually face your own inner darkness on order to emerge “reborn” into the light of a new day. It is the archetypal journey of the hero.

Ruler, Judge

The ruler, judge has the great challenge to be either a wise and unconditionally loving or a judging in need of approval Ruler. Are you able to rule from a place of Love or do you need people to love you? It is easy to see that those on this path who do not want to face their inner darkness and want to stay co-dependent on others instead of becoming free, will need others to love and approve them.

The balance of these two principles lies in their sum: Dissolution and Restart. This is a very restless energy as you constantly decide on new transformations, new beginnings. It takes the deep feminine energy to be able to rebuild again and again, thus expanding your self-awareness again and again.

Levels of awareness

Your spiritual awareness is high today and it is obtained through the energy of ‘Day and Night, Light and Dark’ (confronting your inner Darkness, your ghosts, your demons, to see the light of a new day) and Devotion (surrendering to a higher Power, in whatever way you want to define it. It boils down to dissolving the ‘Ego’).  The way to go about it, is to Intuitively show the Sun-Child in you, to be the public person who stands in the middle of attention and serves as a role model for others. It also means that you will have Powerful Insights, which you need to listen to and act upon and it entails facing and embracing temptations with a lot of self-awareness.


Your awareness is further enhanced today by the spiritual triangle formed with the 6th principle. It brings out  the “avant-gardist” with the energy of the intuitive Factor of Justice.

Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2020. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.

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