Numerological day analysis of 4–1-2021 10 Transformation, Transition

Inspired by your ability to manifest, you want to transform yourself and others and move up to the next level. Today is a call to bring “Spirit” into physical reality.


4–1-2021 10 Transformation, Transition

Spirit: 4 Physical Realization; Matter; Pragmatic Way; Daily practice.

Soul: 1 First Emanation of Spirit; God’s number; Inspiration, Ability to lead

Body: 21 Insight; Inner rising Sun

The sum total of today is 10: Transformation. You want to transform yourself and others today through your spirit’s ability to manifest, your soul’s inspiration and your physical insight.


Themes/ Levels of awareness

In today’s Pentagram there are no axis or levels. This indicates that today the energies are more ‘outward’ than ‘inward’. It is more about how you interact with the world around you, than working on inner themes.

Today 5 of the 5 points on the right side of the Pentagram are activated. The right side represents the ‘masculine’ side of the Pentagram. The core number of today is Transformation. We are called upon to use our masculine awareness to bring “Spirit” into physical reality.

The energies of those 5 points are as follows:

Blue 11: 10 Transformation

Transformation is the process of the caterpillar forming a cocoon and then emerging as a butterfly. In between the two physical states everything looks like chaos. It calls for a willingness to let go of everything known and experienced, and then to be able to be born again. It is the archetypal phase of the journey of the Hero wherein he dies as an adolescent only to re-emerge an adult man. It takes you to the next level, where everything starts anew.

It gives access to the paranormal world: being clairvoyant, clairaudient and/or clairsentient. Transformation is the Holy Mother, watching over everything, holding everything. (The trap would be is to feel responsible for everything and everyone. Taking on responsibilities beyond your duty and scope).

Blue/Red 211: 21’Insight; Inner rising sun’ .The Divine Idea energizes the World in which Polarity rules. You should understand that the divine core is within yourself. That leads to understanding and experiencing the Inner Rising Sun (the Dawn of Awareness – Consciousness).

Red 2: 32 “Divine Connection”; “Wire with the above”.  In the Kabbalistic Life Tree there are 10 Base Principles, which are interconnected by 22 Paths. 10+22=32. “Divine Connection, Wire with the above” numerologically refers to this combination and it contains the possibility to attain spiritual Awareness. The Kabbalah is a set of esoteric teachings meant to explain the relationship between an unchanging, eternal, and mysterious Ein Sof (infinity) and the mortal and finite universe (God’s creation).

Blue 4: 43 Horus factor; Pioneer

In the Egyptian Mythology, Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris. He represents pioneering achievements. (As an adult he defeated his uncle and adversary of his father Seth in a duel and wins the reign of Egypt. Because of this the Pharaohs were seen as embodiments of Horus). In Greek mythology Horus is Apollo (Lord of the light, the spring, moral purity and moderation). Thus Horus embodies a pioneering and well-balanced personality.

Red 4: 54 Reformer.

The ‘Reformer’ obviously wants to bring reforms to his life. The approach is to create fullness, expansion through practical work. It is done with intellect and subtle feelings. A prerequisite is the expansion of self-awareness through intuition. It also calls for a conscious decision to deal with the temptations in life in such a way that they lead to more wisdom.

May these strong energies support you in creating a Transformation today.

Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2021. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.

See you (virtually) :

(D) Arbeitskreis 12. Februar 2021.  Send me a PM for more info.

Photo credit: Nacho Juárez / Pexels

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