Numerological day analysis of 3-1-2021  9 Wisdom; Intelligence; Communication; Sensitiveness; Reason.

Inspired by your will to change and your conscious decisions, you want to gain deep wisdom and intelligence today. Use your will to make wise and intelligent decisions.


3-1-2021  9 Wisdom; Intelligence; Communication; Sensitiveness; Reason.

Spirit:       3 Will to change; Overcoming of Polarity; Conscious Decision

Soul: 1 First Emanation of Spirit; God’s number; Inspiration, Ability to lead

Body: 21 Insight; Inner rising Sun

The sum total of today is 9: Wisdom. You want to gain wisdom through your spirit’s Will to change, your soul’s inspiration and your physical insights.


Themes/ Levels of awareness

In today’s Pentagram there are no axis or levels. This indicates that today the energies are more ‘outward’ than ‘inward’. It is more about how you interact with the world around you, than working on inner themes.

Today 5 of the 5 points on the right side of the Pentagram are activated. The right side represents the ‘masculine’ side of the Pentagram. The core number of today is Wisdom. We are called upon to use our masculine awareness to create Wisdom.

The energies of those 5 points are as follows:

Blue 11: 19 Healer factor.To heal etymologically means to cure, to save, to make whole, sound and well. With the Healer factor one does not necessarily have to be a doctor in order to make “whole” again. A watchmaker heals too, be it on a different level. It suffices to think holistically and conquer polarity.

Blue 2: 20 ‘Immortality’ is on the spiritual level in the Pentagram, which lies above Mind-Reason level. It creates this desire to find out what is immortal in us. “What” or “Who” remains after we have died? Is it possible to access that knowledge whilst still being alive? As it above the level of Reason-Mind, it takes a jump of faith to let go of your mind to find the higher answer to Who or What you are.

Blue/Red 311: 31 ‘Divine Guidance’; ‘Fulfilling power of God’ is the reversal of  the constructive power of God. In the latter you still try to do everything yourself, with the ‘Divine Guidance’ however, you have recognized that the really important things in Life (e.g. Life itself, Beauty, Harmony etc.) cannot be “made”, but can only be granted by the spiritual world. You “open up” to guidance.

Red 2 : 42 ’Cosmic love’ is the unconditional love, the founding principle of this world. Something we all still have to learn. It leads to understanding the meaning and necessity of polarity in the midst of Matter/ Manifestation. If you Doubt this, then Separation will be the result.

Red 3: 53 ‘Salt of the Earth, Total Surrender’

It means Humility without subjugation. Complete surrender without losing your own identity. A kind of ‘healthy Egoism’. When you admit that you are part of the Wholeness (=the Universe) than you also have the duty to give your talents and abilities for the good of the Whole-without giving yourself up: that is the important point. Once we die and have been cremated, all that is left of us is ashes and a bit of salt. Hence the expression: Are you worth your salt? It is a call to find your deepest essence, combined with goodness, humility and beauty.

May wisdom be bestowed upon you today.

Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2021. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.

See you (virtually) :

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Photo credit: Anke Sundermeier/ Pixabay

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