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Numerological day analysis of 28-4–2021 19/10  Healer factor/ Transformation

Inspired by the High Feminine, you want to make things “whole” again today (the deeper meaning of healing). If you do that, it will result in a transformation to the next level.


28-4–2021 19/10  Healer factor/ Transformation

Spirit: 28 Femininity

Soul: 4 Physical Realization; Matter; Pragmatic Way; Daily practice.

Body: 21 Insight; Inner rising Sun

The sum total of today is 10: Transformation. You want to transform yourself and others today through your spirit’s femininity, your soul’s ability to manifest and your physical insight.



This incredible process of transformation is energized today by the themes of ‘ ‘Relationships’ and ‘Focus-Fate’.

Red 22- Blue 8 Axis of relationships

The expansion of self-awareness drives the way you relate to others and how you define your relationships. The better you know Who you are the deeper and more rewarding your relationships will be. The two opposing principles are “Divine connection”, “Wire with above”  coming from the mental level to join with “Hermaphrodite, Art and Fashion” coming from the emotional level. Mentally you have the ability to connect to the Divine in your relationships, whilst emotionally you want to feel it through the Hermaphrodite

“Divine Connection”; “Wire with the above”.  In the Kabbalistic Life Tree there are 10 Base Principles, which are interconnected by 22 Paths. 10+22=32. “Divine Connection, Wire with the above” numerologically refers to this combination and it contains the possibility to attain spiritual Awareness. The Kabbalah is a set of esoteric teachings meant to explain the relationship between an unchanging, eternal, and mysterious Ein Sof (infinity) and the mortal and finite universe (God’s creation).

“Hermaphrodite; Art and Fashion” demands the awareness of our Androgynous essence, not to be understood in a physical sense, but in a Balance in oneself between the Masculine and the Feminine Principle. Androgynous means that we humans whether male or female always have both energies present in our bodies. Most of the times not in a 50/50 balance, but both energies are present in us nevertheless.

The balance of the two principles lies in their sum. Show self-aware Goodness, Humility and Beauty in your relationships and root it in Femininity (being receptive and open)

Blue 4- Red 8: The axis of Fate, Focus and Concentration:

The way you relate to others and how you define your relationships drives your focus and concentration. In short: your relationships trigger what you need to let go of and what you need to hold on to. Should you fail to do so, then Fate falls upon you.The two opposing principles are the Pioneer, Horus factor, coming from the emotional level to join with Love AND Intelligence; “Silver band factor” coming from the mental level.

Horus factor; Pioneer

In the Egyptian Mythology, Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris. He represents pioneering achievements. (As an adult he defeated his uncle and adversary of his father Seth in a duel and wins the reign of Egypt. Because of this the Pharaohs were seen as embodiments of Horus). In Greek mythology Horus is Apollo (Lord of the light, the spring, moral purity and moderation). Thus Horus embodies a pioneering and well-balanced personality.

Love AND Intelligence; “Silver band factor”

The “Silver Band” is the connection between the “subtle body– aura” and the physical body, which is what clairvoyant people can see. It demands the synthesis between “Above” and “Below”, between Heart and Mind, between the highest “Connected Love” and the Intellectual Perception. It may convey deep insights into the forces and secrets of Nature.

The balance of these two principles lies in their sum: The ‘Luck’ Monogram.

You basically want to combine your gut feeling of pioneering, with your mind awareness of what brings love and intelligence to the world.

The solution is to take the conscious decision to obtain insights from karma and let it determine your focus in life. It has perseverance at its core. There is also the energy of the ‘Luck’ Monogram, meaning that if you are capable to go and live the highest expression of your life, Luck will be bestowed upon you.

Levels of awareness

You have high mental and emotional awareness today. Your mental awareness is obtained through ‘Thread with Above’ and ‘Silver band factor’. Your emotional awareness is obtained through the ‘Pioneer; Horus factor’ and ‘Hermaphrodite, Art and Fashion’

The goal is to bring out the intuitive divine sexuality (if you don’t you will start doubting your ‘aliveness’);  to let your healing and salvation powers expand and to bring transformative renewal and rebirth to the world.


Your mental and emotional awareness is further enhanced today through the connection to the 1st principle. It gives you the energy of Transformational Charity, the power to Manifest your Free Will, to Expand your Femininity and to become Self-Aware of your Immortality.


There is the special constellation today whereby the mental and the emotional level are connected to each other through the axis of Relationship and the axis of Focus-Fate. It emphasizes the ability to ‘feel’ our thoughts and the ability to ‘understand’ our feelings. It comes with the energy of Transformative Healing and Salvation, Expanding Luck (or a deep wound) and Immortal Renewal and Re-birth.


The special combination of the Intermediary is active today. It enhances your ability to be the go-between with people, projects or activities. You keep things ‘running’. It comes with the energy of Endless Love.

Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2021. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.

See you (virtually) :

(NL) Werkgroep 18 Juni 2021

(D) Arbeitskreis 25. Juni 2021.

Photo credit: ‘Treehuggers’ Saving the trees. David Attenborough

For a full explanation of the numbers and how to work the Pentagram read the book: NumeroLogic. The numerology of the Pentagram. To order the book and for a free intro course please go to: (English) or (German)

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