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Numerological day analysis of 24-8–2020 18/9 Temptation / Wisdom


Inspired by the ability to go through the night to see the light of a new day, on this very feminine day, you want to Tempt and be Tempted today, in order to gain Wisdom and Intelligence. Temptation often invites you to go into your Dark side, it helps you to explore it and may lead to new wisdom.

24-8–2020 18/9 Temptation / Wisdom
Spirit: 24 Light and Dark, Day and Night

Soul: 8 Feminine principle, Yin, Eros, Art, Growth and Decay

Body:20 Immortality.

The sum total of today is 18 Temptation leading to 9 Wisdom. You live Temptation and gain Wisdom through your spirit’s ability to be in the light and the dark, your soul’s femininity and your physical immortality.


No axis in the Pentagram today, but all the ‘feminine-receptive’ points of the Pentagram have numbers.  It means that today  is all about opening up and receiving. The feminine defined as the power to create, to give form, to dance, to sing, to growth and decay and the Yin, the art, the music.

Levels of awareness

You  have a high spiritual awareness and a high emotional awareness today.

Your spiritual awareness is obtained through your sense of Immortality and your Spiritual Desire.

Your emotional awareness is obtained through Cosmic Love and Male sexuality and Strong Drive.

The goal of both levels of awareness is that you intuit your potential of the High priestess of Eros, that you physically manifest the Divine Connection and that you show Feminine perseverance and Feminine awakening.


The spiritual triangle ‘the avant-gardist’ is active today. It gives you this Intuitive Healing Magnetism, the ability to manifest People’s Karma, showing the Feminine Way of going through the darkness to see the light of a new day and the perseverance to achieve perfection.


The feminine Pentagon connecting all the feminine points of the Pentagram brings you the awareness of manifesting Maya – to really see what is going on beneath the surface and the superficial; to be the feminine keeper of the threshold, to get in touch with your immortal perseverance and to bring transformation through your divine connection. It will bring out a very high level of Vital Basic Force.

May you have a tempting day!

Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2020. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.

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(D) Arbeitskreis 23 Oktober 2020.  Send me a PM for more info.

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