Numerological day analysis of 2-1–2021 8 Feminine principle, Yin, Art, Growth and Decay

Inspired by duality, you want to experience the feminine principle in you today, this creative force of art, music, beauty, growth and decay. Look for the  expression of duality around you and let it inspire you to express the feminine.


2-1–2021 8 Feminine principle, Yin, Art, Growth and Decay

Spirit: 2 Duality, Intuition or Doubt

Soul: 1 First Emanation of Spirit; God’s number; Inspiration, Ability to lead

Body: 21 Insight; Inner rising Sun

The sum total of today is 8: Feminine principle, Yin, Art, Growth and Decay.  This you want to live and express through your spirit’s duality, your soul’s inspiration and your physical insight.


Themes/ Levels of awareness

In today’s Pentagram there are no axis or levels. This indicates that today the energies are more ‘outward’ bound than ‘inward’. It more about how you interact with the world around you, than working on inner themes.

4 of the 5 points on the right side of the Pentagram are activated, all of them with double numbers. The right side represents the ‘masculine’ side of the Pentagram. Combining that with the feminine principle as the core energy of the day, makes it a very interesting day.

The energies of those 4 points are as follows:

Blue 11: 18 Temptation

2×9; 3×6

The temptation is to only strive for the external, material things of life, the status symbols as well as the indulgence and the lasciviousness. That would make one very one-sided and forget the spiritual, divine side of life.

2×9: Unite Intuition (2) and Reason (9); if not then Reason will lead the hunt for material life.

3×6: Conscious Decision (3) to live and use the Power, Force (6). 8 behind 1: Receive (8) the Ideas (1).
Sum 9: Use Reason (9) to resist the Temptation (18).

Blue 22: 29 Serve, Aid, Heal or “Maze”

11th /6th Prime

When you prioritize helping and healing others too much, there is a great risk to lose yourself in the ‘Helper Syndrome”. That can turn one “mad” as 29 is the 11th prime. Remember that 11 may mean the thin line between Genius or Madness. Additionally 11 is the 6th prime, so it is loaded with a lot of Power.

Empirically: Men with the intermediary type 29 are more feminine-receptive, whereas women are more masculine-giving.

9 behind 2: When Mind (9) pairs with Intuition (2) it is a wonderful combination. Should the 9 not accept the 2, the Intuition is lost.

Sum 2 over 11 (2+9): It is important not to be torn apart by the double 1 in the 11. Using Intuition helps.

NB: 29 is the 11th prime and 11 is the 6th prime. 29+11+6= 46/10 So in the 29 are contained the energies of 11 and 6 and at an even deeper level the energy of 46 and 10. So in 29 one also has to deal with relating Power (6) to Form (4) in order to achieve Transformation (10).

Red 11: 41 Spiritual Mountaineer; Inspired Creation

14th Prime
1 behind 4: With 41 one is capable to translate the Idea (1) immediately into Action/ Matter (4) – and mostly with Success (=sum 5). However anything that holds such big chance, given the circumstances also holds the danger of a deep fall- then 41 is the small narrow path, not without hurdles, that leads to the top.

14th prime: the correlation between the rank of a prime and the prime itself is unique in this case: it is the turnaround of the 14 into the 41. 14 Charity is therefore contained in the 41. You can only be a ‘spiritual mountaineer’ if you also love yourself.

41 contains the karmic ‘father’ heritage. Empirically: Very often problems with father (or father figure).

NB: 41+14th = 55, therefore 41 contains the energy of 55, the Spiritual Mid Life.

Red 22: 52 Wound or Undeserved Luck

4×13/7th /5th /4th Prime

52 has two completely contradictory meanings: Wound or Undeserved luck. The Wound may occur when you Doubt (2) that you are entitled to Fullness and Justice (5).

Luck happens when you Intuitively (2) live the positive sides of the 5 and you get in contact with 52’ inversion 25: “Inner Happiness”. 52 is called “Undeserved Luck” as the luck seems to come almost effortlessly.

4×13: The content of 52 is Hard Work (13) made visible in Matter (4). As 13 is also the 7th prime, and the sum of 52=7, Self-awareness and Co-creative Action are a prerequisite.

Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2021. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.

See you (virtually) :

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Photo credit: kourosh-qaffari/ Pexels

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