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Numerological day analysis of 11-4-2021 11/2  Master number, Genius or Madness

Inspired by Mastery – the thin line between Genius and Madness- you want achieve Mastery today. Mastery is the level beyond being skilled and involves some kind of Genius. Just avoid going crazy.


11-4-2021 11/2  Master number, Genius or Madness

Spirit: 11 Master number; Genius or Madness

Soul: 4 Physical Realization; Matter; Pragmatic Way; Daily practice.

Body: 21 Insight

The sum total of today is 11: Mastery. You want to achieve mastery through your spirit’s mastery, your soul’s ability to manifest  and your physical insights.




No major themes (axis) today. As you can see in the Pentagram it is all about integrating spiritual awareness.

Levels of awareness

Your spiritual awareness is high today. It is obtained through ‘Unconditional Love’ and the ‘Factor of sacredness’ .

It gives you the desire to intuitively ‘Know God’ and the desire to manifest the Divine Connection. In practical terms is means that you listen and act upon your intuition, your insights, your inspiration, your ‘hunches’ as opposed to listening to your conditionings.


Your spiritual awareness is further enhanced through the connection with the 1st principle. It wants you to intuitively live the Feminine Eros, to physically manifest vitality and to show feminine goodness, benevolence, humility and beauty.

Special attention: Bringing spiritual energy into physical life

In the top triangle of the Pentagram – the spiritual triangle- all the points have numbers, with even triple 1’s, indicating the importance of those numbers for today.

Our universe originates from the “Chaos”, today represented by the number 101 (red 111), Indicating that we have to Bless everything we encounter in our life even when it hurts.

The Chaos brings us to “Unity” , with the number 12 (blue/red 1112) indicating that our inspiration, our guidance comes  from Perfection.

We contact perfection through our “Duality”, with the number 23 (blue 2), indicating that our duality is experienced through intuitive Unconditional Love.

The challenge lies in bringing all this incredible spiritual energy into actual life, through your “Vitality”  with the number 34 (red 4)

And then to manifest it through 45 (blue 4): Family/ Clan; “I am”.

All that remains then is to bring it “on the ground’. There are no numbers there (5th, 6th and 7th place). This may pose problems. Doing shadow work may help, because they activate those numbers in you today. A very practical way is to go out in nature today and walk or go outside and do some physical work. Connect to reality and feel how you are being guided through spiritual energy (inspiration, enthusiasm, creativity and feelings of wholeness).

May you find your inner Master.

Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2021. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.

See you (virtually) :

(D) Arbeitskreis 16. April 2021.

(NL) Werkgroep 18 Juni 2021

Photo credit: pexels-chait-goli

For a full explanation of the numbers and how to work the Pentagram read the book: NumeroLogic. The numerology of the Pentagram. To order the book and for a free intro course please go to: (English) or (German)

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