NumeroLogical Day Analysis 9-11-2018 22/4 "Mystic"

‚The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight’ Joseph Campbell

9–11-2018 22/4 Mystic

Spirit:  9 Wisdom, Intelligence, Communication, Sensitiveness

Soul:   11 Mastery, Genius or Madness

Body: 18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 22: the Mystic. This you want to achieve through your spirit’s wisdom, your soul’s mastery and your physical Temptation. Mysticism may have something to do with understanding life beyond the mere physical and rational. It takes wisdom, genius and willingness to be tempted to walk that path. At the same time it may turn you stark raving mad.

The Pentagram is all about one’s, eight and nine today. The triple blue 1’s indicate a lot of inspiration for this day. It may drive you almost crazy at times. The challenge lies in manifesting these inspirations in a charitable way.

Central theme for the day is how you are going to manifest your inspiration or your leadership. Inspiration abounds, but can you make it work? Wisdom supports is, but do you have the strength to pull it of. If you do it brings this resurrection feeling. Dying an inner Death only to arise anew…

In addition feminine awareness is also very strong today. Surrender to this life-giving force and receive, dance, sing. The challenge lies in finding the salvation that lies in conquering polarity.

Have a mystical day…