Numerological Day Analysis 7-7-2018

Most people ask for happiness on condition. Happiness can only be felt if you don’t set any condition. Arthur Rubinstein

7–7-2018 25/7 Inner Happiness

Spirit:         7 Self-Awareness, Becoming the Co-Creator of one’s own life, Sun

Soul:      7  Self-Awareness, Becoming the Co-Creator of one’s own life, Sun

Body:  18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 25: Inner Happiness. You want to find your inner happiness through your spirit’s and  your soul’s self-awareness and your physical temptation. Seeking and creating physical temptation, combined with awareness on that process, creates inner happiness….who would have thought that?

On this day of inner happiness, temptation and self-awareness,  you are being inspired (being guided)  in your leadership by Goodness, Benevolence and Beauty. A powerful way to initiate leadership!

This fits very well together with the theme of expansion of self-consciousness, the theme of the day. With the aid of femininity and understanding the circle of life, you want to bless everything you encounter: the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the joy and the pain. Fully taking in what life has to offer you and process it, digest it.

The inner processes is being supported by a high physical awareness, focussing you on everything you can see, smell, hear, taste and touch. It aims at letting you physically feel the ‘divine’ in everything around you. With inspiration you may experience sheer luck (or a deep downfall if you refuse to open up).

Have a happy day!!

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