Numerological day analysis 7-3-2020 14/5 Charity

Charity : Love thy neighbor, like thyself (not more than yourself). It takes a deep awareness of “Self” and a desire to overcome polarity to understand what charity means.

7-3-2020 14/5 Charity

Spirit: 7 Self-awareness, Becoming the Co-Creator of your own life, Sun

Soul: 3 Will to change; Overcoming of Polarity; Conscious Decision; Decisiveness

Body: 20 Immortality

The sum total of today is 14: Charity. You want to live charity through your spirit’s self-awareness, your soul’s willingness to change and your physical immortality.

Two  major themes underline your quest for charity.  ‘Awakened Self-Awareness’ and ‘ Self-aware Relationships’

On the axis of the expansion of Self-Awareness it is your desire to ‘awaken’ that drives you. This dominant force drives you to deeply understand who you are, what you are and why you are. You have the intuition and the awareness of self at hand, look for your life-force, your masculine power and be inspired, to complete the quest. A high sense of justice will be the result.

On the axis of Relationships it is your self-awareness that drives it. The depth of your self-awareness will in turn determine the depth of your relationships. The goal is to create self-aware Goodness and Beauty in your relationships. The awareness of ‘I am’ , what you want and intuition you have. Now open up to the other and relate, and you will reap the full harvest.

Spiritual and mental awareness is high today. It gives you the energy of transformative renewal. In combination with your masculine drive it brings out the ‘avant-gardist’ in you.

See you in:

Dieren (Nl) Werkgroep, 10 April

Düsseldorf-Benrath (D) Arbeitskreis 24. April 2020,

Dusseldorf-Benrath (D) Grund- und Fortgeschrittene Kurs 20-21 Juni

Istanbul (T) Personal reading and Course 1 and 2: 7-11 October