NumeroLogical Day Analysis 6–10-2019 19/10 “Healer factor”

“You are all things. Denying, rejecting, judging or hiding from any aspect of your total being creates pain and results in a lack of wholeness”. Joy Page

Spirit: 6 Male drive, Yang, life force, sexuality

Soul: 10 Transformation, Transition

Body: 19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 19: Healer factor. The central idea is that healing means ‘making things whole again’. You want to heal today through your spirit’s male drive and sexuality , your transformation  and your physical healing. Joy Page’s quote aptly describes this ‘healing’ process.

Two major themes drive this quest for healing: Leadership and the Expansion of Self-Awareness.

You have a strong leadership drive today, inspired by Transformation and driven by your masculine (sexual) life force. It takes the willingness to tap into your sense of expansion, order and freedom, to reap the full benefit of this theme. If you do so, you will lead through this aura of vitality that will be hanging around you. Your mere presence literally ‘lights up’ the room. Leading by being.

On the expansion of self-awareness, which is a ‘must-do’ today, you need to work with the timeless question: ‘Who, What, Why am I’? Bear in mind that there is no common scientific answer to that question. In itself it is a Zen Koan and only you know if you have found the right answer.  You will know that you have the right answer once you feel it resonate with your deep inner feeling of Justice. This feeling will heal and save you.

The day also brings you high spiritual awareness, with loads of transformational renewals through deep insights and maybe even some telepathic feelings. The day also brings out your ‘Avant-Gardist’. The ability to see ahead and set the new trend.

May you heal today!

See you in:

Istanbul (T)October 9-13!

Düsseldorf(D) Arbeitskreis 18. Oktober

Zutphen (Nl)Werkgroep 22 November