Numerological day analysis 5-1-2020 10 Transformation, Transition

Today is a day of transformation. Letting the caterpillar, that you may think you are, become a butterfly. It calls for stepping up in your leadership and creating change in and around you.

5-1-2020   10 Transformation, Transition

Spirit: 5 Expansion; Fullness; Inner Motivation; Adventure; Freedom; Order

Soul: 1 God’s number; Inspiration, Ideas, Ability to lead.

Body: 20 Immortality

The sum total of today is 10 Transformation. You want to transform yourself and others today through your spirit’s expansion, your soul’s inspiration and your physical immortality. The best way to fathom the extend of transformation versus mere change, is to look at the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. It literally gives you wings to fly.

This incredible process of transformation is energized today by two major themes (axis in the pentagram). The ‘Charismatic Leadership’ and the the ‘Focussed Change- Transformation’. High spiritual awareness serves as a balancing energy.

On the ‘charismatic leadership’ you aim to lead by your aura, your charisma, your vitality. Once you dare access  your masculine (sexual) life-force, with the inspiration connected to chaos and the drive for expansion, fullness, order and adventure, you will have this very strong vital magic power hanging around you. You will create a lot of movement around you, with it. You will start shaking things up. So be prepared for some strong feedback from people who do not want to change.

Not only does your leadership bring change, the axis of change is also active today. Through focussing on what you need to let go of and what you need to hold on to, you create change all around you. This not only creates a huge awareness of being “wide awake in the here and now”, it gives this sense of perseverance and that of the ‘sunchild’. Like it or not, it will put you in the center of attention. You need to be very specific, concrete in what you are going to do. Otherwise you will be hanging halfway in transition.

As said above a high spiritual awareness serves as a balancing energy. An awareness that focusses on transformational renewal. Combined with your masculine (sexual) life-force, it gives you the energy of the ‘avant-gardist’. Being way ahead of the troops, the forebode of change to come.

Happy Transformation!

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