Numerological Day Analysis 4-4-2018

“The feeling is the healing” Puja Lepp

4–4-2018 19/10 Healer factor/ Transition, Transformation

Spirit:   4 Physical realization, Matter, Manifestation

Soul:     4 Physical realization, Matter, Manifestation

Body:  18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 19, Healing. This you want to achieve by your spirit’s and your soul’s  urge to manifest and your tempting body. So your ultimate goal of achieving transformational healing, you really want to manifest today.

One major themes supports this transformational healing process today:  the theme of Focus!  What do I hold on to and what do I let go of: On the one hand the pioneer is awake in you and may want to do very daring things, on the other hand you are governed by love and wisdom. You are in for extreme luck or a great downfall. So choose carefully, but do choose!

Emotional awareness support the themes of the day. As the saying goes; The feeling is the healing. Once you can actually feel in your body what is going on, what is really hitting you and you allow it to pass through your body, the healing is there. It will bring transformation and renewal.

There is also a strong reformer energy in you today, provided you access your sense of freedom and order.

Happy Healing and Transformation!

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