NumeroLogical Day Analysis 31-8-2018

“Love can never possess. Love is giving freedom to the other. Love is an unconditional gift, it is not a bargain” Osho

31–8-2018 23/5 Unconditional love, Cry for love

Spirit:  31 Divine guidance, Fulfilling power of God

Soul:     8 Feminine principle, Yin, Eros, Art, Growth and Decay

Body:  18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 23: Unconditional love. You want to get to unconditional love through your spirit’s divine guidance, your soul’s femininity and your physical Temptation. The common trap with unconditional love is, that we turn it into a craving for love, a “I need you to love me” Love. It takes divine guidance, feminine emotions and physical temptation to make it truly happen. Certainly not an easy road….

The first theme (blue axis 3-8) is on relationships.  Your quest in the relationship is to aim for creating awareness on goodness, benevolence, humility and beauty in your relationship. The Will and the Femininity is there. But how self-aware are you of it?

The second theme (red axis 88-3) is on getting focus in your life. What do you hold on to, what do you let go of? The relationship is the dynamic trigger in your quest for focus. You aim for the Luck-Monogram in your relationship. Be aware that it may mean that you do achieve the highest possible (Zenith) but it  may have your biggest downfall as well. Choose wisely!

The practice is supported by awareness on the mental and emotional level, giving your a sense of renewal-rebirth in a very transformative way. When inspired your ability to heal, aid, serve may even expand and touch everyone…unconditionally…