Numerological Day Analysis 30-5-2018

„Healing yourself is connected with healing others’ Yoko Ono

30-5-2018 19/10 Healer factor/ Transformation

Spirit:   30 Revolution, Creative Will

Soul:     5 Expansion, Fullness, Inner motivation, Freedom

Body:   18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 19, Healing. This you want to achieve by your spirit’s revolution, your soul’s longing for expansion, fulfillment and freedom and your tempting body. So there is this drive for healing and transformation through revolution in the face of physical temptation.

Four major themes supporting this transformational healing process today: the theme of Leadership, the theme of Relationships, the theme of Focus and the theme of Change!

On the leadership theme your main objective is to find your highest physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Vitality. There is this absolute enormous Power in you, waiting to be discovered an used. (Beware with what intention you use it!)

On the relationship theme your main objective is to relate to others and yourself in a self-aware benevolent, good and humble manner.

On the focus theme – what is it I hold on to and what do I let go of- you are in for either extreme luck or a great downfall. Choose carefully, but do choose!

On the change theme your objective is to become truly wide awake in the here and now. To be totally present in the moment. The expansion and the chaos is there, all you need is to focus deeply.

Spiritual, mental and emotional awareness support the themes of the day. Listen to your intuition; look at your beliefs, concepts, truths and decisions; feel your emotions and see where your intuition, your beliefs and your emotions are truly renewing and transformative. Those you want to follow!

Happy healing and transformation!

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