NumeroLogical Day Analysis 3-2-2019 17/8 'Goodness, Benevolence, Humility and Beauty'

“Be the reason others believe there is goodness in people” Anonymous

3–2-2019 17/8 Goodness, Benevolence, Humility & Beauty

Spirit: 3 Will to change, Overcoming of Polarity, Conscious Decision

Soul: 2 Duality, Intuition or Doubt

Body: 19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 17: Goodness, Benevolence, Humility and Beauty.  You want to be the reason why others believe there is goodness in people  through your spirit’s will to change and overcome polarity, your soul’s intuition and your healing on the physical plane.

This daring process to create goodness, benevolence, humility and beauty is driven by two major themes today: the theme of ‘relational leadership’  and ‘focus on vitality’.

On the theme of ‘relational leadership’ your leadership is driven by your relationship(s), or in other words: how you relate to others. The goal is to find salvation in your leadership, which means that you strive to overcome the polarity that we live in – especially in relationships. This may mean being very confrontational. The inspiration and the will is there, you need your masculine and feminine energies to make it happen.

On the theme of ‘focus on vitality’ , your desire for ‘awakening- waking up’ drives your focus. Focus in the sense of figuring out what you need to hold on to and what you need to let go of. Once your vitality – both physical, emotional, mental and spiritual- goes up, you know you are on the right track. Inspiration and wisdom is there. Your power to manifest and your masculine (sexual) life-force are needed to make it happen.

You have high mental awareness today, given you this aura of feminine eros. Use it well!

In combination with your masculine sexual power, it brings out the “mover and shaker” in you. Quite a powerful source to get things moving in your life.

Be the reason!!!