NumeroLogical Day Analysis 27-9-2018 "Aid, Serve & Heal"

“The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity” Leo Tolstoy

27–9-2018: 29/11 Aid, Serve, Heal or “Maze”

Spirit: 27 Spiritual Insight; Expansion of Consciousness

Soul:     9 Wisdom, Intelligence, Communication, Sensitiveness

Body:  18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 29: Aiding, Healing and Serving. You want to live this through your spirit’s insight, your soul’s wisdom and your physical temptation. When you succeed, Mastery (11) will be the result. So it is not enough just to ‘exalt’ aiding, healing and serving, you have to become self-aware of it and get dirty doing it through temptation. No huffy-fluffiness here.

Two themes: leadership and the expansion of self-awareness, with perfection (12), testing the limits of life (67), unconditional love (23) and reliability (78) as cornerstones. It is a „leader’s” day today, searching for the ruler in you. Looking for perfection and testing the limits of life (provided you can muscle up your sexual power). Is there love underneath your leadership? The one you gladly give or do you need the people to love you as  a leader? Self-awareness helps, especially if you can bless everything that happens to you. Blessing also means feeling the pain to its fullest and thus embody its lesson.

Spiritual awareness is strong. Listen intensely to your intuition. Combined with inspiration it may get very sexual, combined with physical (sexual) power, it brings the avant-gardist out in you…aiming at testing the limits of life…

Also look for your outer happiness (89) manifesting. Make sure it is a happiness that comes from inner happiness showing itself. (89 is the 25th prime. 25 being Inner Happiness)

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