Numerological Day Analysis 27-1-2018

27-1-2018  21/3  Insight, Inner rising sun

Spirit:  27 Spiritual Insight, Expansion of Self-Awareness

Soul:      1 Unity, Inspiration, Leadership

Body:   18 Temptation

True spiritual insight cannot be gained by ‘logical thinking’. Spirit is beyond the thinkable, it is what makes us ‘alive’, that what cannot be written, spoken, drawn or carved. Insights ‘fall’ into your awareness and broaden your awareness.. Let yourself be tempted today to have many new insights..

So challenge today is to go beyond knowledge to find insight with the help of leadership (domination) self-awareness („I am, but who am I?”) and change (transformation), backed by spiritual and physical awareness.

The leadership theme focusses around salvation, conquering polarity. Inspiration and feminine eros are there, look for the (sexual) power and decisiveness. The self-awareness theme focusses on dissolution of the Self and re-inventing yourself. Look for focus to make it happen. The change theme through self-awareness focusses on tasting your own salt..tasting the immortal part that it re-born again and again (Saint Germain myth)

Your spiritual awareness supports that trough the endeavor for bringing out the sun-child in you, the avant-gardist healer and the inspired free will. Your physical awareness supports is through feminine erotic power, the holy marriage between the animal and the spirit in you (the Sphinx), and physical devotion

Quite an interesting day…..may it bring you many insights ;-)