Numerological Day Analysis 26-2-2018

„Knowing many things does not teach insight” Heraclitus

26-2-2018  21/3  Insight, Inner rising sun

Spirit:   26 Healing and Salvation number

Soul:      2 Duality, Intuition or Doubt, Separation or Connection

Body:   18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 21: Insight. You want to gain insight through spirits’ capacity to heal and save, your soul’s intuition and physical temptation. So intuit what you feel physically tempted to do and see what kind of healing and saving then occurs. The insights follow by themselves.

In support of this process you have two major themes today: The expansion of  self-awareness („I am, but who am I?”) and focus (what do I hold on to, what do I let go of?), supported by spiritual and emotional awareness.

The self-awareness theme focusses on dissolution of the Self and re-inventing yourself. Look for focus to make it happen.

The focus theme -being very dominant today- compels you to look at which decision brings you more vitality. More often than not, the ‘tough’ decisions, bring you the most energy afterwards. It is time to release old trappings and open yourself to the new!

Your spiritual and emotional awareness supports that trough the endeavor of bringing out the sun-child in you. The avant-gardist in you awakens, powered by strong feminine sensuality.

Quite an interesting day…..may it bring you many insights ;-)

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