NumeroLogical Day Analysis 25-8-2018

“Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.”  Marianne Williamson

25–8- 2018 26/8 Healing and Salvation

Spirit:   25 Inner Happiness

Soul:      8 Feminine principle, Yin, Eros, Art, Growth and Decay

Body:   18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 26: Healing and Salvation. You want to achieve this through your spirit’s inner happiness,  your soul’s femininity  and your physical temptation. So basically you want to heal and save the world inspired by your inner happiness in a feminine way. Physical temptation makes you do it.

Today also the focus lies more on how you relate to the outer world, than dealing with the paradoxes of your inner world. Your leadership is inspired by temptation and thus the deep feminine. Your intuition is wise and gives also this healing and aiding energy. You may be in for some undeserved luck today (or on the dark side, a deep wound).

You are being supported by high emotional awareness today,  giving you the energy of the ‘Sun Child’, the capacity to be the center of attention because you have something to say and you are saying it.

You are setting very high goals you want to achieve in your work and at the same time you want to do that in full (emotional) consonance with your partner and others. Quite a challenge!

May you heal the world!

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