Numerological Day Analysis 25-6-2018

25-6-2018 24/6  Day and Night, Light and Dark

Spirit: 25 Inner Happiness

Soul:      6 Male drive, Yang, life force, sexuality

Body:  18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 24: Day and Night, Light and Dark. You want to find your inner light through your spirit’s inner happiness, your soul’s masculine (sexual) life force  and your physical temptation.

Four major themes today: leadership, the expansion of self-awareness, relationships and change. Three of them have to do with reaching “mastery”. On the leadership it is the mastery of your life: realizing that you are the co-creator of your life. On the the expansion of self-awareness it is the mastery of your wisdom: can you turn it into gold? On the relationships the mastery of relationship: finding the right balance and cross-fertilization between you and the other, without anyone giving up on him/herself.

The outlier is the theme of change: through chaos you want to expand your highest inspiration. Not an easy task.

You are being supported today by a high spiritual and physical awareness. Spiritually giving you the mastery of perfection (or at least an idea about that) and Physically giving you the power of transformation. It also brings a very high well grounded vitality and the energy of the ‘avant-gardist’.

May your light shine in the darkness!

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