Numerological day analysis 25-12-2019 22/4 Mystic

On Christmas Day it is the mystic in you that is activated through Inner Happiness, Perfection and Healing. May you have a mystical Christmas!

25-12-2019 22/4 Mystic

Spirit: 25 Inner Happiness

Soul: 12 Perfection, Completion

Body: 19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 22: Mystic. You want to experience your mysticism  through your spirit’s inner happiness, your soul’s perfection and your physical healing. Mysticism means understanding life beyond theory or concepts, experiencing inner happiness without any outer circumstances may give you this mystical experience. Enjoy Christmas from the inside out!

One major theme drives your quest for mysticism today: ‘Focussed Leadership’

The  ‘Focussed leadership’ theme today is that of the Messiah factor:  specifically Christ’s resurrection after death. It deals with facing your inner Darkness to see the light of a new day. Avoiding Darkness doesn’t bring you mystical experiences. Facing  your doubts, worries, fears and going through them however does bring you mystical experiences. The inspiration and the wisdom is there, you need to access your power of manifestation and your masculine (sexual) life force to make it happen. Being charitable today just might be a good start.

Today is be a day of strong expanding intuition, even giving your this feeling of inner happiness (25). It is accompanied by an unpredictable intelligence if you succeed to combine your intelligence with your intuition (92). Expect some very interesting thoughts and ideas.

Have a Mystical Christmas!

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