Numerological Day Analysis 24-6-2018

24-6-2018  23/5 Unconditional love or “Cry for love”

Spirit:  24 Day and Night, Light and Dark

Soul:      6 Male drive, Yang, life force, sexuality

Body:  18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 23: Unconditional Love. You want to find your unconditional love through your spirit’s light and darkness, your soul’s masculine (sexual) life force and your physical temptation. This means that today you need to face your light and your dark side, feel your masculine (sexual) life energy and be physically tempted. And all of this should lead to expressing and feeling unconditional love. Beware that on this very sharp edge you may fall in the trap of “wanting the other one to love you”, then remember Osho’s words: Love is an unconditional gift….

The themes of today are leadership  and  the expansion of self-awareness.

On the leadership you are aiming for leadership through Vitality: the sheer appearance of your Powerful Presence. Inspiration and sexuality are there, you need to find your sense of expansion, order, freedom and your ability to deal with chaos.

On the expansion of self-awareness you want to find your inner Justice, your inner Mastery. The inspiration is there as is the full healing and salvation. If you can connect with your self-awareness, this high goal of Justice will be in reach.

The day is supported by spiritual and emotional awareness aiming at transformative renewals (your intuition and your femininity may bring you amazingly powerful new insights).

To top things off, the ‘avant-gardist’ is very much awake in you as well today.

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