Numerological Day Analysis 24-2-2018

„Healing yourself is connected with healing others’ Yoko Ono

24-2-2018 19/10 Healer factor/ Transition, Transformation

Spirit:  24 Day and Night, Light and Dark

Soul:     2 Duality, Intuition or Doubt, Separation or Connection

Body:  18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 19, Healing. This you want to achieve through your spirit’s ability to experience both day and night, your soul’s intuition and your tempting body. You may wonder what “experiencing both day and night” means. True healing only occurs when you are able to integrate the darkness into your soul and spirit. If you are willing and able to look at the dark spots in your system, the bad experiences that you have put away and tried to forget. Only when you bring those into awareness – the sun – and let them be, then they will no longer haunt you unconsciously. Then Healing and Transformation occur.

Two major themes supporting this transformational healing process today: the theme of Relationships and the theme of Focus! In general you could say: If I want to heal myself and others, first I have to look at my relationships and how I deal with them and second where do I focus on in my life.

On the relationship theme your main objective is to relate to others and yourself in a self-aware benevolent, good and humble manner.

On the focus theme – what is it I hold on to and what do I let go of- you are in for either extreme luck or a great downfall. Choose carefully, but do choose!

Mental awareness supports the themes of the day. Look at your beliefs, concepts, truths and decisions and see if they are truly transformative and renewing. That is what you are aiming for! Redesigning your belief-systems….

Very supportive today is a dominant Intuition (blue-red 21), giving you many deep insights. Listen to it and don’t fall into the trap of doubting everything.

Happy Transformation!