NumeroLogical Day Analysis 24-12-2018 24/6 "Immortality"

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

24-12-2018 20/2 “Immortality”

Spirit: 24: Day and Night, Light and Darkness

Soul: 12 Perfection, Completion

Body: 18: Temptation

The sum total of today is 20: Immortality. You want to experience what immortality is in your life through your spirit’s ability to go through the darkness into the light, your soul’s perfection and your physical temptation. Following this path of development takes an ‘inner dying’ as you go through your own darkness and see the light within. Once you do so, feelings of immortality may arise.

Two major themes support this ‘immortality’ proces: the expansion of self-awareness and relationships.

On the expansion of self-awareness you want to bless everything you discover and encounter. For the positive parts that will be easy, the negative parts will be more difficult to bless, although they may have bigger blessings for you. Your intuition and your receptivity are there, you need to access your decisive powers and your basic awareness of “I am” (self-empowerment) in order to be able to deal with the blessings.

Your relationship theme today is very much focussed around finding new beginnings, a new start. It will still be very much in the ideas, intuition and concept phase, but let yourself be inspired to create a vision of your relationship. If you do it just might bring you a lot of vitality and outer happiness. The manifesting power as well as the receptivity is there, again you need to access your decisive powers and now also your wisdom to find your vision of a new relationship.

Emotional awareness is high focussing on intuitively  testing the limits of life. You will question your relationships to the point where they are about to die, in order to find out what really brings them to life. Allow expansion and wisdom in, before doing anything too drastic.

The day is governed by a very strong inspiration for perfection. May it help you in finding your answers.