Numerological Day Analysis 24-1-2020 11/2 Master number, Genius or Madness

Mastery is a difficult concept. Everyone wants to be a master. Reflect on it. What does Mastery mean? Where is it different from being merely skilled or very good at something?

24-1-2020 11/2  Master number, Genius or Madness

Spirit: 24 Day and Night, Light and Dark

Soul: 1 God’s number; Inspiration, Ideas, Ability to lead.

Body: 20 Immortality

The sum total of today is 11: Mastery. You want to achieve mastery through your spirit’s light and darkness, your soul’s inspiration and your physical immortality. Mastery brings with it an abundance and richness of ideas. Even up to the level that it may drive you mad. Use your ability to abstract, to focus and concentrate to decide which ideas you want to manifest today.

One major themes drive your process of finding your Mastery. The theme of Focus-Fate.

On the axis of Focus-Fate your desire for change drives your focus. You aim for expansion of self-awareness, spiritual insight, balance and cross-fertilization in a wise way. You constantly have to choose what you need to hold on to and what you need to let go of. On a deeper level it also very much about your sense of family and clan. What is it you want with them or of them?

Your spiritual and mental awareness is high today. It brings you to intuitively ‘knowing’ God and to intuitively test the limits of life. You may come up with some very extreme intuitions and also some very extreme thoughts.

Like yesterday there are no numbers on your feet (5th and 7th place) which may mean you have problems being physically ‘well-grounded’ today. Walk in nature or go dancing to become physically more present.

May you find your inner Master.

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