NumeroLogical Day Analysis 23-9-2018. Inner Happiness.

Most people ask for happiness on condition. Happiness can only be felt if you don’t set any condition. Arthur Rubinstein

23–9-2018   25/7 Inner Happiness

Spirit:  23 Unconditional love or “Cry for love”

Soul:     9 Wisdom, Intelligence, Communication, Sensitiveness

Body:  18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 25: Inner Happiness. You want to achieve this through you spirit’s unconditional love, your soul’s will to change and your physical temptation. So Inner Happiness is directly linked to loving unconditionally, possibly the hardest thing to do. It takes a deep wisdom and intelligence to do so and the willingness to follow the physical temptation.

The process is enhanced by three major themes today: Leadership, expansion of self-awareness and relationships.

Your leadership is challenged today to show the “Ruler” in you. Will it be the ‘unconditionally loving’ leader or the ‘craving for love’ leader?

Your self-awareness is challenged today to bless everything it encounters. It may be nice it may be not nice, fact is that it happens and you can deal with it in a very self-aware way, thus increasing your self-awareness. Intuit what it means for you, ask yourself again and again: Who or What is the ‘I’ in this situation.

In relationships you want to take them to the spiritual realm: the source of everything, beyond the logical mind. Balancing thoughts with feelings. It is through relationships that you may acces the spirit of the world.

Mentally you are very strong today and you are physically well grounded.. Your mental awareness focusses on intuitively testing the limits of life (Immortality!)  Physical awareness focusses on manifesting all these godly ideas that you have.

Be Happy!