Numerological Day Analysis 22-9-2019   25/7 Inner Happiness

“I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health’ Voltaire

Spirit: 22 Mystic

Soul: 9 Wisdom; Intelligence; Communication; Sensitiveness

Body: 19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 25: Inner Happiness. You want to achieve this through your spirit’s mysticism, your soul’s wisdom and your physical healing. So Inner Happiness today includes mysticism. Perhaps that is exactly what Voltaire referred to in his quote. Mystics always seem to have an inner happiness.

One major theme today: ‘Self-aware Leadership’

On the axis of Awakening and leadership you are challenged today to show the “Ruler” in you. Will it be the ‘unconditionally loving’ leader or the ‘craving for love’ leader? You have the inspiration and the intuition to guide you. Find your masculine (sexual) life-force and your awareness of Self to actually manifest the leader in you.

Mentally  you are very strong today Your mental awareness focusses on intuitively testing the limits of life (Immortality!).  The ‘mover and shaker’ is very present today! A great day to make things happen!!

Be Happy!

See you in:

Istanbul (T)October 9-13!

Düsseldorf(D) Arbeitskreis 18. Oktober

Zutphen (Nl)Werkgroep 22 November