Numerological Day Analysis 22-2-2018

22-2-2018 17/8 Benevolence, Goodness, Humility, Beauty; Feminine, Eros, Growth and Decay

Spirit:  22 Mystic, 22 ways of the Kabbalah, Tarot.

Soul:     2 Duality, Intuition or Doubt, Separation or Connection

Body:  18 Temptation

The sum total of today 17, meaning benevolence, goodness, humility and beauty. This you want to achieve through your spirit’s mysticism – understanding life beyond reason- combined with your soul’s intuition (or stopped by your soul’s doubt) and your tempting body. You wonder how to this? Listen to C.S. Lewis: think of yourself less…let life happen!

You are strongly guided today by Temptation (blue-red 18 on top of the Pentagram). This feminine quality of seducing you into new awareness. Watch the intention behind the temptation. Is it one of benevolence and humility? Is it for the good of yourself and that of the other? With triple 2’s your Intuition will be extremely sensitive today. Listen to it, intuit again and again what you want to do next. Watch out for the trap of doubting everything (the dark side of intuition).

You are being supported by high emotional awareness today, giving you the energy of the ‘Sun Child’, this capacity to stand in the middle of attention because you have something to say and you are saying it. It will come to you intuitively.

With the high intuition on the 5th spot (triple red 2’s), luck and being wounded will be part of your day today.