Numerological day analysis 22-12-2019 19/10 Healer Factor/ Transformation

Healing and transforming is the goal of today. The day is mystical and perfect for healing. Use your inspiration, your intuition and your wisdom. Ground yourself as well.

22-12-2019 19/10 Healer Factor/ Transformation

Spirit: 22 Mystic

Soul: 12  Perfection, Completion

Body: 19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 19: the Healer Factor. You want to heal yourself and others through your spirit’s mysticism, your soul’s perfection and your physical healing. So healing is the big theme of the day. Thinking about healing, arguing about healing, developing mental concepts about healing, does not work. The healing is in the feeling, Puja Lepp says.  Once you allow yourself to feel your hurt, your abandonment, your abuse, your anger you can process it and heal yourself.

Your awareness today is very much focussed on the spiritual and the mental levels. You have access to inspiration (double 1), intuition (triple 2) and wisdom (9). Use those qualities to heal yourself and transform.

You are being supported by high spiritual and mental awareness, with deep insights, intuition and wisdom. It wil bring you very transformative and renewing ideas and concepts, which can help you in finding your focus.

There are no numbers on your feet (5th and 7th place) which may mean you have problems being physically ‘well-grounded’ today. Walk in nature or go dancing to become physically more present.

Feel and heal!

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