Numerological Day Analysis 20-8-2019 22/4  Mystic, 22 Ways (Kabbala, Tarot)

All the great mystics have said that to know God one has to become feminine. The male is aggressive. The male is effort, attack, will, the feminine is passive, receptive, welcoming. The feminine is a womb, when God comes, the passive mind, the waiting mind, becomes a womb, receives God become pregnant with God.” Osho

Spirit:  20 Immortality

Soul:     8 Feminine principle, Yin, Eros, Growth and decay

Body:  19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 22: Mysticism. This you want to achieve through your spirit’s sense of immortality, your soul’s femininity and your physical healing. Question yourself today: what in me is Immortal? Is there such a thing or a person? If you persist in doing that, the mystic in you will arise.

In the Pentagram the axis of Awakening (blue 1-red 9), the axis of the Expansion of Self-Awareness (blue 2 – red 0) and the axis of change ( (red 8 – blue 0) are supporting and challenging this mystical process.

In your leadership your are being inspired by charity and driven by the awareness that everything in life is a matter of involution and evolution (spirit that enters form and then leaves it again). Your goal is called the Messiah factor: dying whilst living. To experience the impermanence of the outer form (matter) in order to be born again.

On the expansion of your self-awareness your are guided by your intuition and grounded in chaos. Not easy. Find your inner order and find your sense of “I am” to complete the process. You will know when you hit it right, when your prophetic powers increase.

On change you are guided by chaos and grounded in the feminine. Find your inner will and your inner order to complete the process. The goal is to actually live consciously ‘unconditional love’

Your process today is supported by a very high spiritual and physical awareness. Both of them giving you the energies of the high feminine: the high-priestess of eros, divine connection, feminine perseverance. It also induces visionary powers – so it is a good day to look ahead- as well bringing out the avant-gardist in you. Beware that the (physical) powers today are very strong. Guide them wisely.

This deep spiritual process is supported by the 81 and 92.

81: salvation – conquering polarity. The knowing of that what lies behind the form

92: an unpredictable intelligence which gives you unexpected brilliant ideas and thoughts.

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