Numerological Day Analysis 20-4-2018

„The proud man counts his newspaper clippings, the humble man his blessings” Fulton J. Sheen

20–4-2018 17/8 Benevolence, Goodness, Humility, Beauty

Spirit:  20 Immortality, Eternal Life

Soul:    4 Physical Realization, Matter, Day-to-day Life

Body:  18 Temptation

So the total vibration of the day is 17: Benevolence, Goodness, Humility and Beauty. You want to achieve that through your spirit’s immortality, your soul’s desire for physical realization and your physical temptation. Creating goodness and benevolence by manifesting through physical temptation your own immortality….

No wonder the challenges today lay on  the expansion of self-awareness, relationships and change! How aware are you of what is actually happening around you? Are you being swept away in emotions by the events or are you the captain at the helm navigating yourself through the storm of emotions? Are you more interested in the newspaper clippings about you, or in your blessings?

The theme on the axis of self-awareness may help you on this. It is dissolution and restart – a very feminine act. Dissolve what you think you know and open yourself to new insights and hence wisdom.

The theme on the axis of relationships is the expansion of unconditional love. If that is not a challenge, what is?

The theme on the axis of change is -through the expansion of self-awareness- find your own essence (your inner ‘salt), which probably represents the immortal part in you.

You are being supported by high spiritual, emotional and physical awareness today. Spiritually giving you the energy feminine eros (spiritual love and seduction). Emotionally and physically giving you the energy of the ‘Sun Child’, the capacity to stand in the middle of attention because you have something to say and saying it.

Have a good day!