NumeroLogical Day Analysis 20-11-2018 15/6 "Balance and Cross-Fertilization"

“I need to be thinking about a few things at once. I think it actually helps because you’re cross-fertilizing yourself.” Saul Griffith

20-11-2018 15/6 “Balance and Cross-Fertilization”

Spirit: 20: Immortality

Soul: 11: Master number, Genius or madness

Body: 18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 15: Balance and Cross-Fertilization. You want to achieve that through your spirit’s sense of immortality, your soul’s mastery and your physical temptation. With three 1’s on top, you will be thinking of a few things at once. Make good use of that possibility of cross-fertilization through sensing which one has ‘immortal’ qualities, shows mastery and is very tempting.

The process today is supported by the “Mastery” Pentagram with four major themes: Leadership, Expansion of Self-Awareness, Relationships and Change. A lot to handle!

On leadership you have triple inspiration, you need to tap into your masculine (sexual) life-force to manifest yourself as the co-creator of your own life. Self-awareness and mastery are key here.

The theme of self-awareness is further enhanced by the axis of the expansion of self-awareness (blue 2 to red 2). It is about balancing the (physical) knowledge of who you are with the intuition of who you are. Once you succeed and find the answer, you have found your inner gold.

In your relationships – especially your intimate one- you strive for absolute mastery. You have the awareness of ‘connecting’ and ‘opening up’ to the other. You need to find your inner Will on the matter. What is it that you want from the relationship. Then the balancing act starts.

Change is inevitable today. Chaos abounds, you need to find your inner sense of order, fulfillment and expansion to balance it. Once you do you will sense of expansion and (divine) inner guidance.

You are being supported by high spiritual and physical awareness. Spiritually it supports you with a lot of life-force energy, physically it supports you deep transformational power. To find you balance and cross-fertilize you will need both.