Numerological Day Analysis 19-7-2018 Aid, Serve, Heal or “Maze”

“The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity” Leo Tolstoy

19-7-2019 29/11 

Spirit: 19 Healer factor

Soul: 7 Self-awareness, Becoming the Co-Creator of your own Life, Sun

Body: 19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 29: Aid,Serve, Heal or “Maze”. Through your spirit’s healing , your soul’s self-awareness and your physical healing you want to aid serve and heal. The willingness to aid, serve and heal may well be the only purpose of life, as Tolstoy says. However beware not to go into the “Helper Syndrome”, you end up in the Maze and might go crazy.

It is a ‘feminine’ day, all the points on the feminine side of the Pentagram are activated. It also a day in which you want to ‘reconnect’ with the divine, asking yourself: where do I come from, where do I belong?

The axis of leadership – the central axis in the Pentagram- is activated, with double inspiration and self-awareness. It calls for the “Ruler”, “Judge” in you to show itself. The challenge lies wether your leadership is based in unconditional love or that you use your leadership to ‘get’ love. Tap into your intuition and into your (sexual) life-force, to find the right intention for your leadership.

Reliability, Outer Happiness, Death of the Ego and Sacredness are also themes which will come up today in one form or the other all of them pointing you towards how you may aid, heal and serve and not go mad.

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