Numerological day analysis 19-1-202015/6 Balance, Cross-Fertilization

Today’s energy is balance and cross-fertilization. Balance means that you receive as much as you give, that in itself cross-fertilizes. Being in balance with yourself and the world around you also heals and inspires. Mastery at work.

19-1-202015/6 Balance, Cross-Fertilization

Spirit: 19 Healer Factor

Soul: 1 God’s number; Inspiration, Ideas, Ability to lead.

Body: 20 Immortality

The sum total of today is 15: Balance and Cross-Fertilization. You want to experience through your spirit’s healing power; your soul’s inspiration and your physical immortality.

Four major themes underline this process: ‘Awakened Leadership’, ‘Self-aware Expansion of Self-Awareness, Focussed Focus-Fate. As the words indicate the axis drive themselves with their own theme. This Pentagram is about truly ‘Mastering’ your themes.

On the ‘Awakened Leadership’ you aim for Revelation: understanding that you are the co-creator of your own life and in no sense victim or helpless. You have double inspiration for it. Once you access your masculine (sexual) life-force, your revelation will be there.

On the ‘Self-aware Expansion of Self-Awareness you aim for your inner Gold. Understanding the deepest essence of who, what and why you are. You have the intuition for it, you need to develop that sense of “I Am” to find your inner gold.

On the Focussed Focus-Fate you aim for mastering re-birth or renewal. You have the double wisdom and intelligence, feel into what your really want, at the deepest of who you are, and your will be re-born and you will renew.

On the axis of change you want to let the divine guidance expand. It is a matter of executing a higher purpose, a higher plan. You have the access to the chaos, let it expand and fill your life.

You are being supported by high spiritual and physical awareness (thank God!) Spiritually giving you a very intuitive high masculine sexual energy. Physically giving you the translation of that in the form of very powerful unconditional love.

The ‘avant-gardist’ is awake in you as well today, giving you a sense what kind of “Family” or “Clan” you would like to build.

May you find balance in yourself….

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