Numerological Day Analysis 18-4-2019 25/7 Inner Happiness

Happiness is an inner choice….

18-4-2019  25/7 Inner Happiness

Spirit:  18 Temptation

Soul:    4 Physical Realization, Matter, Day-to-day life

Body:  19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 25: Inner Happiness. You want to experience inner happiness through your spirit’s temptation, your soul’s ability to manifest and your physical healing. Inner Happiness isn’t something you can create. It comes from within and it takes a conscious decision to feel it.

Two major themes underline this decision for happiness: ‘Focussed Relationships’ and ‘Change driven Focus-Fate’

On the axis of relationships, you are driven by Focus and Fate. It aims at taking your relationships to the highest – spiritual- realms. It may mean re-igniting your relationships. You have the focus and your power to relate to others, now decide what it is that you yourself want out of the relationship and make it happen.

On the axis of Focus-Fate is the change-transformation that is driving you. It aims at finding a wise balance and an expanding self-awareness. Here also you have the focus, now let in chaos and expansion to reap the full harvest.

As you can see the center of attention of your Pentagram is the mental and the emotional level. Both axis mentioned above connect these two levels. The mental and the emotional level are both activated, increasing your awareness of those levels. It gives you both the mental desire to test the limits of life and the emotional desire to ‘know God’. Be prepared for some mind-blowing new concepts and belief systems as well as deep emotional experiences!!

It is going to be quite an intense  day!!

See you in:

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