NumeroLogical Day Analysis 18-12-2018 23/5 "Unconditional Love"

“I avoided certain madness when my mortal soul married the idea of immortal love” kk meade

18-12-2018 23/5 “Unconditional love or “Cry for love”?

Spirit: 18 Temptation

Soul: 12 Perfection, Completion

Body: 18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 23: Unconditional love. You want to experience unconditional love through your spirit’s temptation, your soul’s mastery and your physical temptation. The perverse version of unconditional love is the “cry for love” You have to love me or else I will die. That is where Meade’s quote comes in. Find your immortal love – the unconditional one.

One major theme today driving this process: the expansion of self-awareness. You aim to find your own sense for high justice. To really feel what is “right’ for you, beyond existing morals and conventions. You have the triple inspiration for it, as well as the intuition. You want to access your physical (sexual) power as well as your sense of “I am” to make it complete. It will give you intuitive healing and it will give strong visions.

Emotional awareness is high today. You will be very sensitive to what is going on emotionally between people and within yourself. Femininity – the fine art of opening up and receiving is double present. It may give you deep encounters, but watch out for abuse. You have a sense for people’s karma here, as well a feeling of redemption. Ultimately you will experience some transformative renewals on the emotional level.