Numerological Day Analysis 18-11-2019 23/5 Unconditional Love or ‘Cry for Love?”

“How deep is your love?” Bee Gees

18-11-2019 23/5 Unconditional Love or ‘Cry for Love?”

Spirit: 18 Temptation

Soul: 11 Master Number; Inventiveness; Richness of Ideas; Divine Ideas

Body: 19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 23: unconditional love. You want to live unconditional love through your spirit’s temptation, your soul’s mastery and your physical healing. Unconditional love is rarely seen. Usually we cry out for love. We want other to love us, so that we feel loved, in stead of loving ourselves. Let yourself be tempted today to feel into love, especially for yourself. Intuitively you will feel it.

One major theme drives today’s quest for unconditional love: ‘Relational Focus-Fate’.

The axis of Focus-Fate is driven by your relationships, or how you relate to others. Through this interaction you will and need to find your focus. You have the power of the feminine – the receiving and reuniting part- and you have the wisdom. Now find your Will and your power to manifest, to complete the interaction. You will know you are taking the right steps, once Luck falls upon you. If not, dig deeper.

Emotional and physical awareness are high today. Both giving you this energy of transformative renewal.

Love deeply today!

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