Numerological Day Analysis 18-1-2018

“Mirth can be a major tool for insight, changing “ha-ha” to “aha”  (Mirth: amusement, gaiety, cheerfulness)

18-1-2018  21/3  Insight, Inner rising sun

Spirit:  18 Temptation

Soul:    1 Unity, Inspiration, Leadership

Body:  18 Temptation

Deep insights, life-changing insights tend to ‘rise in the body’, as if you suddenly become ‘aware’. Letting yourself be tempted off the beaten track and  seems to be a good approach today with temptation being present in the day and the year. Use your soul’s leadership to navigate all the temptations into the high direction.

It will be supported by the challenge of leadership, this axis between the divine and the ego. Triple inspiration is there and so is double feminine sexual power. It takes a conscious decision and the development of masculine (sexual) power, to make this power machine come alive. If so, it will give you and your surroundings a feelings of salvation…of bridging polarities.

Your universal skills are highly activated today, enabling you to step out of the restricted view of the intellectual mind into new advanced thinking.

Your feminine powers are also highly activated today. You will be questioning whatever is shown to you to see what is really behind it. You aim at understanding the underlying principles and appearances.

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