Numerological day analysis 17-12-2019 23/5 Unconditional Love or ‘Cry for Love?”

Today’s energy is about experiencing Unconditional Love, which is not an easy thing to do. Your self-awareness  and your relationships take you to the test of it. Your mental and physical awareness of renewal support you.

17-12-2019 23/5 Unconditional Love or ‘Cry for Love?”

Spirit: 17 Goodness, Benevolence, Humility and Beauty

Soul: 12 Perfection, Completion

Body: 19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 23: unconditional love. You want to live unconditional love through your spirit’s goodness, your soul’s perfection and your physical healing. Unconditional love is rarely seen. Usually we cry out for love. We want other to love us, so that we feel loved, in stead of loving ourselves.

Two major themes drives today’s quest for unconditional love: ‘Awakened Self-Awareness’ and ‘Self-aware Relationships’.

On the axis of the expansion of Self-Awareness it is your desire to ‘awaken’ that drives you. This dominant force drives you to deeply understand who you are, what you are and why you are. You have the intuition, the sense of ‘I am’  the inspiration at hand, look for your life-force, to complete the quest. A high sense of justice will be the result.

The axis of Relationships is driven by your desire for expansion of self-awareness. You want to become self-aware through your relationships and you want to bring self-awareness in the relationship. The goal is to achieve a high degree of goodness, benevolence, humility and beauty in the relationship. It will take the development of your Will and your ability to open up and receive to make it happen.

Mental and physical awareness are high today. Both giving you this energy of transformative renewal.

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