NumeroLogical Day Analysis 17–10-2019 21/3 Insight

„Knowing many things does not teach insight” Heraclitus

17–10-2019 21/3 Insight

Spirit: 17 Goodness, Benevolence, Humility and Beauty

Soul: 10 Transformation, Transition

Body: 19 Healer factor

The sum total of today 21: Insight. You want to gain insight through your spirit’s goodness , your soul’s transformation and your physical healing. There is a lot of spiritual awareness around you today, with the challenge to bring it down to earth, make it ‘workable’.

Gaining insight today is driven by one major themes: the axis  ‘Self-aware Change and Transformation’.

On the axis of Change your are driven by your quest for the expansion of self-awareness. As you look for the quintessential answer to the question: “but WHO am I?”, you will invoke change all around. You need to let the paradox of living both chaos and order at the same time in. If you do, you will feel your essence, your “salt” and you experience feelings of immortality.

Physical awareness is high today, giving you the energies of the  intuitive feminine erotic aura. If you do, attracting attention and attracting people will not be a problem.

The “Ruler, Judge”  on the physical level is also very active today. Make sure that you rule from a place of unconditional love. Your Universal Skills are also very much activated with triple inspiration. Make good use of those skills!

See you in:

Düsseldorf(D) Arbeitskreis 18. Oktober

Zutphen (Nl)Werkgroep 22 November

Istanbul (T)January 29-Feb 2)