Numerological Day Analysis 16-11-2019 21/3 ‘Insight’

“Mirth can be a major tool for insight, changing “ha-ha” to “aha” – Anonymous

Spirit: 16 Perseverance; Assertiveness; Factor of Awakening

Soul: 11 Master Number; Inventiveness; Richness of Ideas; Divine Ideas

Body: 19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 21: Insight. You want to gain insight through your spirit’s perseverance, your soul’s mastery and your physical healing. Healing comes from ‘making things whole again’, which has a much broader meaning then curing someone from a disease. Many times ‘insights’ fall into you, once you are seeing the ‘wholeness’.

Two major themes drive your quest for insight today: ‘Relational Leadership’ and ‘Awakened Focus-Fate’

On the axis of Leadership your leadership is driven by your desire to relate to people. It is through the relationships you build that you want to express your type of leadership. The goal is to overcome the apparent polarities, to come inclusion in stead of exclusion. The inspiration and the ‘drive’ for it are there, it takes your will and your feminine aspect of relating, to make it happen.

On the axis of Focus-Fate you are driven by your desire for awakening. You want to wake up to what is the highest expression of yourself, which will awaken your leadership in you. The process involves making choices between that what no longer serves you and that what you need to go for. Most of the time those are difficult choices. You will know that you have taken the right decision once you notice that your vitality goes up. Your life-energy rises. Make that your inner compass.

See you in:

Zutphen (Nl)Werkgroep 13 December

Düsseldorf(D) Arbeitskreis 6. Dezember

Istanbul (T)January 29-Feb 2)