NumeroLogical Day Analysis 16-11-2018 20/2 "Immortality"

“One has to pay dearly for immortality; one has to die several times while one is still alive” Friedrich Nietzsche

16-11-2018 20/2 “Immortality”

Spirit: 16 Perseverance

Soul:   11 Master number, Genius or Madness

Body:  18 Temptation

The sum total of today is 20: Immortality. You want to experience the immortal in you through your spirit’s perseverance, your souls’ mastery and your bodily temptation. Experiencing the immortal in you is very much about what Nietzsche said: Dying whilst still alive. It takes perseverance, mastery and temptation to be able to face that deep confrontation with your Self.

This process of “inner dying” is supported today by two themes: the theme of leadership and the theme of change/transformation.

On the leadership you want to find your inner Ruler-Judge-King. It is a day were you have to rule, show the world what true leadership is about. The challenge is that it should be a leadership based on unconditional love and transformation. The pitfall is that you want your followers to love you, that you are crying out to them to love you. If that happens it gets pretty dark inside you. Note well that you have fourfold inspiration guiding you. Listen well to what your inspiration tells you.

On the them of change/transformation it is also an either-or. Either you create this vital magic aura of charisma, through creating and accepting change, or you are one big hoax, a charlatan, conning everyone into your charlatan stories.

What may help is that your physical awareness is very high today, grounding you in the awareness to actually test the limits of life, to see what is real and what is imaginary.

Have an immortal day!