Numerological Day Analysis 15-4-2019 22/4 'Mystic'

‚The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight’ Joseph Campbell

15–4-2019  22/4 Mystic

Spirit:   15 Balance, Cross-Fertilization

Soul:     4 Physical Realization, Matter, Day-to-day life

Body:  19 Healer factor

The sum total of today is 22: Mystic. You want to experience your inner mystic through your spirit’s balance, your soul’s ability to manifest and your physical healing. Mysticism is understanding life beyond logic. It takes awakening and focus to get there. Have a mystical day!

“Focussed Leadership” and ‘Self-Aware Focus-Fate’ are the themes.

On the ‘Focussed Leadership’ you are challenged to look into your own darkness and conquer it. You are inspired by charity – taking care of others as you are taking of yourself. Make sure you don’t give yourself away. You are driven by your (sexual) life-energy focussing on involution and evolution. Meaning that you want to transform this sexual life-energy into wisdom.

On the theme of ‘Self-aware Focus-Fate’ in your life, you want to find the highest expression of your free will. You have the power to manifest and  and the wisdom. You need to access your intuition and your awareness of Self, to really find the highest expression of your free will.

These two challenges are supported by high emotional awareness aiming at increasing your erotic potential. When combined with inspiration and leadership it activates the visionary in you. When combined with sexual power it may make you overly emotional. Watch out for that!

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